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  • Can I dock my iPad, iPhone, or iPod with a case?

    While we tried to design Soundfreaq docks to be compatible with most cases, we cannot guarantee that it will fit with all of them. Please use caution when docking a device for the first time to ensure that you are not stressing the 30-pin connector. For the Sound Platform in particular, one option is to simply remove the Dock Adapter altogether in order to gain the maximum clearance for your iPod or iPhone case. While the Dock Adapters provide a more finished product appearance, they are not functionally necessary.

  • Can I get AM radio stations?

    Unfortunately, Soundfreaq speakers do not have AM radios.

  • Can I stream Bluetooth audio to more than one Soundfreaq at a time?

    The short answer is unfortunately not. There are two steps to streaming audio with Bluetooth devices - Pairing and Connecting. You can Pair one source (iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.) to multiple Soundfreaqs, but you can only Connect and stream audio to one Soundfreaq at a time. For example, you can Pair your iPhone or Android to one Soundfreaq in your living room and another Soundfreaq in your bedroom, but you can only Connect and stream audio to one of them at a time.

  • What is the difference between the Sound Step and Sound Step Recharge?

    The SFQ-02RB Sound Step Recharge has a black base and an internal Lithium Ion battery with up to 6 hours of life. It is also available in red (SFQ-02RBR Sound Step Recharge LOVE) and white (SFQ-02RBW Sound Step Recharge Ghost). The SFQ-02 Sound Step has a silver base and does not come with an internal battery and must be plugged in with the included AC Power Adapter. Unfortunately, it is not possible to upgrade an SFQ-02 by adding a battery.

  • What is UQ3 Spatial Sound Enhancement?

    Relative to larger speaker systems, compact home audio products have a relatively short distance between the left and right speakers resulting in limited stereo separation. We developed our proprietary UQ3 DSP technology to create a psychoacoustic effect by controlling sound wave interaction that enhances the perceived stereo separation. The benefit is that you get a compact system while enjoying an immersive audio experience.

  • Where can I find the Soundfreaq Apps?

    We have free apps in the Apple App Store and the Google Play store. Check against which model you have below and get the appropriate app. IOS Apps work on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Sound Platform SFQ-01 Sound Step SFQ-02 Sound Stack SFQ-03: All three use the Soundfreaq Remote. IOS App and the Android App. Sound Rise SFQ-05 Sound Platform 2 SFQ-06 Sound Step SFQ-02L: These three need the Soundfreaq App. IOS App and the Android App. Sound Kick SFQ-04 Sound Spot SFQ-07: No app is required for either the Kick or the Spot.

  • Where can I purchase replacement parts and accessories?

    Replacement parts and accessories are available through the Soundfreaq accessory store.

  • Which Soundfreaqs have FM radio?

    These Soundfreaqs have FM radio: Sound Platform SFQ-01 Sound Step SFQ-02 Sound Step Lightning SFQ-02L Sound Step Recharge SFQ-02RB Sound Stack SFQ-03 Sound Rise SFQ-05 Sound Platform 2 SFQ-06 These Soundfreaqs require the Soundfreaq apps to access the FM radio: Sound Step SFQ-02 Sound Step Lightning SFQ-02L Sound Step Recharge SFQ-02RB Sound Stack SFQ-03 These Soundfreaqs do NOT have FM radio: Sound Platform SFQ-01A Sound Step SFQ-02I Sound Step Recharge SFQ-02IRB Sound Stack SFQ-03I Sound Kick SFQ-04 Sound Spot SFQ-07

  • Which Soundfreaqs work with iPad?

    You can connect an iPad to any Soundfreaq and stream audio via Bluetooth. The Sound Step, Sound Step Recharge, Sound Stack, and Sound Rise will dock iPads that have the 30-pin Dock connector. The Sound Platform requires an adapter cable to charge (at a reduced rate) and play through the dock. Amazon has several such dock extender cables available. While Sound Kick does not have a dock, it can stream audio from iPad via Bluetooth and charge iPad via USB. The same goes for the Sound Spot.

  • Does the Sound Rise have a backup battery?

    Yes, the Sound Rise SFQ-05 has a built-in rechargeable (it does not need to be replaced) backup battery to ensure that the alarm still functions even if there is a power failure. Please note that this battery will not power the stereo.
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