Technical Support

  • Can I dock my iPad, iPhone, or iPod device to charge while also stream...

    Yes, you can dock and charge any iOS device while playing audio from any input (including from itself via Bluetooth). Simply press the Source button to select the desired input.

  • Can I use the Soundfreaq App to control Sound Kick?

    While Sound Kick does not support remote control functionality from the Soundfreaq Apps like our other models, your Bluetooth source device can still wirelessly control the audio functionality (volume, play/pause, forward, back) as your desire.

  • How can I connect my iPhone 5 to my Soundfreaq?

    Apple has once again changed everything by choosing to move from the standard 30-pin connector to the new 9-pin Lightning connector. To connect your iPhone 5 to your dock-equipped Soundfreaq, you can purchase an adapter directly from Apple: Of course you can stream audio wirelessly from your iPhone 5 via Bluetooth to any Soundfreaq. You can also charge your iPhone 5 by plugging it in to the USB charging port on Sound Step, Sound Step Recharge, or Sound Stack.

  • How can I control playback on my connected Bluetooth device from my So...

    You can control playback on your connected device from the remote control or the buttons on your Soudfreaq. While this feature works seamlessly on iOS devices, it may not work as expected on all Android devices (or when using music players other than iTunes) due to the open source nature of the software and the wide variety of handsets.

  • How can I control the volume while streaming audio via Bluetooth?

    You can control the level of the source using the volume controls in your music player App or the overall volume controls on your device (e.g. the physical volume buttons on the side of your handset). Alternatively, you can directly control the volume of the amplifier in the Soundfreaq speaker through the iOS App or Android App.

  • How can I improve FM radio reception?

    To get the best FM radio reception, make sure that the provided antennae is securely connected and fully extended. Also, try to place your Soundfreaq and the antennae clear from sources of interference, including other electronic devices and large pieces of metal.

  • How can I make my Sound Kick louder?

    The max volume for Sound Kick is limited while in battery mode. To achieve greater volume, connect Sound Kick to the included AC Power Adapter.

  • How can I save my favorite radio stations as presets?

    You can save up to 20 of your favorite stations as presets. Simply tune to the desired station and hold the 'Play' or 'P' button on the Soundfreaq App. Then, use the tune buttons to select the desired Preset #. Finally, press the 'Play' or 'P' button again to save the Preset. For more information, please consult your Soundfreaq Owner's Manual.

  • How do I access the FM radio on my Soundfreaq?

    On the Sound Step SFQ-02, Sound Step Recharge SFQ-02RB, and Sound Stack SFQ-03, the FM radio is accessible through either the free iOS App that works on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad or the free Android App. Once you have the App installed on your device, press the Source button until the Radio is selected. Follow the included instructions to tune to your favorite stations and set presets. Please note that FM Radios are only available on certain North American models.

  • How do I connect a second Bluetooth device to my Soundfreaq?

    There are two steps to streaming audio with Bluetooth devices - Pairing and Connecting. You can Pair one source (iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.) to multiple Soundfreaqs, but you can only Connect and stream audio to one Soundfreaq at a time. Similarly, one Soundfreaq can be Paired to multiple sources (iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.), but you can only Connect and stream audio from one source at a time. This issue arises when one device is already Paired and Connected with your Soundfreaq and therefore the second device can't see it. You can verify this because the indicator light on the Soundfreaq will be blinking slowly, indicating it is Connected. Turn off the Bluetooth on your first device and then proceed with pairing the second device as usual. If a device is not Connecting as expected, it is usually because another one is already Connected.
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