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Turning Sound Rise Off and LED display Color

Teresa Sauter Sep 14, 2015 09:08AM CDT

I just got Sound Rise after months of trying to find an alarm clock that would meet my needs. I was a little disappointed to find out the LED was blue- after reading several articles about how Blue light disrupts sleep habits and should be banished from your bedroom. So I set Sound Rise to be totally off (unless you press a button, then it comes on for a few seconds), which works fine. I set Alarm 1 to go off on Weekdays to a FM preset. All was good!

This morning, I was pleasantly waken at the correct time to the radio and the full brightness white LED display . No comes the big question - How do you turn off Sound Rise? I hit the music notes button thinking that would silence the alarm (my husband is still sleeping) but I see that just changed it to line in or Bluetooth, but silenced the music. Any way, after some button pushing, I finally long pressed the music note button and the radio turned off. BUT the bright white display stayed lit. How do I get the display to return to the previous setting (in this case, off)?

The alarm seems to do everything I need except for turn off. I don't want to actually turn off the alarm, that is why I wanted to be able to program the alarm for certain days, so I don't have to think about setting an alarm every night before going to bed. I also just read that the music doesn't stop automatically after ~ an hour like the simple radio alarm clocks do.

Anyway, thanks for a close to perfect product and hopefully you can help me solve my couple of issues!

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Lisa Sep 14, 2015 01:25PM CDT SOUNDFREAQ Customer Service Ninja
Teresa, thank you for being a Soundfreaq customer, and for taking the time to write us with such thoughtful feedback!

To turn off the alarm when it sounds, press the Alarm 1/2 button until the display shows OFF. That will shut it off for the day, which I understand is what you're trying to do. To shut it off indefinitely, simply press the button a couple more times until the display shows OFF again, and the Alarm icon has disappeared.

As you know, holding the music note button turns on/off the unit (and changes the source). Please know the Snooze button also powers on/off the speaker (when the alarm isn't sounding).

In regards to changing the display brightness, the dimmer button is located on the back of the speaker, on the bottom. Please see page 10 of the manual here for more info:

Hope that helps! Any other questions, please let us know.
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Teresa Sauter Sep 17, 2015 04:26PM CDT
Thank you. I have been working more with the Sound Rise and I really like this radio alarm clock. What is missing from the above instructions is that when the display is completely turned off, you first have to hit any button to turn on the display. Then you press and hold the alarm button until the sound stops. I was not activating the display before trying to turn off the alarm. So following this procedure not only stops the music, but the display will go back to being off after it times out.

Excellent product. It does everything I wanted in an alarm clock except the Atomic time update. I know that adding the receiver would probably be a big change. But have you all considered allowing the clock time to update from your cellphone over bluetooth?

Thanks again. Oh, and my husband keeps saying how good the alarm clock sounds!
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Lisa Sep 17, 2015 04:29PM CDT SOUNDFREAQ Customer Service Ninja
Teresa, thank you for taking the time to respond, and for clarifying the instructions. It helps us provide better support and I'm sure it will help our other users too who stop by the public forums.

We have received feedback in terms of updating the time automatically (or even for DST!). Unfortunately, due to limitations in Bluetooth protocol, master devices (your phone) cannot access many features of the slave device (the speaker).

If you have any other questions or feedback, please let us know. Glad to hear you both are enjoying the speaker so!
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Lisa Sep 18, 2015 12:26PM CDT SOUNDFREAQ Customer Service Ninja
Teresa, furthermore, the alarm should brighten or turn on the screen when it goes off. I understand your display is set to off--you should not have to click any buttons to turn it on.

As for turning off the alarm, I understand you are pressing and holding. One click should be enough as well.

Please let us know if that works for you, and thanks again for taking the time to work with us.
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Tony Hitchings Jan 11, 2016 03:41PM CST
Soundrise: my brand new unit SF*-08 just arrived - I read the manual and looked at FAQ - it seems that it will not turn itself off each morning (after a suitable period) - so I have to push a button each morning !!! The ability to turn itself off so should at least be a user option. My existing weekday alarm does that (but it has lousy sound)

btw - nice audio from the FM station.
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Lisa Jan 11, 2016 03:42PM CST SOUNDFREAQ Customer Service Ninja
Tony, thank you for being a Soundfreaq customer, and happy to hear you are enjoying the FM tunes.

In regards to the speaker turning off, are you referring to the alarm turning off by itself after a period of time? The Sound Rise is designed to power off after one hour of the alarm sounding. Unfortunately, there isn't a way to adjust this feature.

If you have any other questions or feedback, please let us know.

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